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Wander to Jesus

Welcome to Church!
Church like you have probably never seen before. Not a church dedicated to keeping the doors open from one week to the next, there are no doors to shut here. Not a church dedicated to serving themselves and forgetting others, but a church dedicated to outreach and service to others. Not a church dictated by ecclesiastical hierachy or liturgical confines, but a church striving to follow the teaching, example, and life of Jesus Christ.

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Follow Jesus 

Mid-Week Meditation:

I was a refugee and you welcomed me.
I was hungry and you bought me a meal.
I was LGBTQ and you accepted me.
I was on welfare and you did not judge.
I was a beggar and you opened your wallet.
I was sick and you cared for me.
I was in prison and you still valued me.
I was a child and you nurtured me...

When I was at my lowest, most vulnerable point, you still loved me.


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